About Us

We are international consultants based in Switzerland, specialized in people management and leadership development, whose purpose is to reveal the potential of individuals within their professional and personal environment.
Inspired by recent findings in Management, Emotional and Collective Intelligence and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, our solutions are aimed at individuals and companies to include personal, corporate and team training and coaching, seeking to enhance wellbeing, business growth and to harmonize interpersonal relationships.

Human Resources Development

There is an unlimited potential in each of us. All that is required is to release that potential in order to achieve the goals we set ourselves. Within companies, this effect can be maximized when we align teams to a strategic vision.

By harmonizing current management practices and guiding individual contributions towards a Collective Vision, we seek to strengthen commitment by creating the right conditions for a healthy work environment, to stimulate synergies, to reveal talents and to create innovative solutions.

Our expertise and our passion for the business will enable us to assist in the development and the implementation of a successful strategy to unlock your full potential and grow your business sustainably.

Combine economic growth with professional and personal wellbeing.
Provide personalised guidance and support to reveal the full potential of our clients, encouraging synergies and the emergence of untapped resources.
  • Excellence
  • Reliability
  • Professionalism
  • Confidentiality
  • Ethics
  • Innovation and Creativity
    • Promote leadership and entrepreneurship
    • Harmonize interpersonal relationships in the workplace and personal life
    • Inspire and reveal talents
    • Support each person willing to develop their interpersonal and relational skills
    • Teach future professionals in Coaching and NLP
    • Provide new tools to support professional Coaches and Human Resources staff
    • Because Time is one of the most precious things you own

      With recourse to pragmatic methods, we apply a results oriented approach in order to effectively:

      • Develop Uniqueness for Excellence and Outstanding Leadership
      • Boost Performance
      • Align your Teams to the Strategic Vision
      • Succeed Cultural Transformations
      • Improve Interpersonal Communication
      • Harmonize Relationships
      • Reveal and retain Talents
      • Promote Innovation through team cooperation

      Our work is focused on a progression of three successive steps:

      Diagnosis and solution design: During this phase, we evaluate the need for development of managerial skills at the team and individual level, this can include using "profiling" tools like ComProfiles.

      Solution implementation: During this phase, we design and deliver programs of intervention specifically tailored to the client’s needs, moving towards a culture of excellence in the form of training, coaching, workshops, Team Building and facilitation of company events.

      Sustainability and Follow up: During this final step, we want to ensure that the concepts previously learnt are being implemented, particularly through practical workshops and coaching.

      A broad range of experiences and a consistent, thoughtful approach

      Sofi Larran



      Yodeleï’s Founder

      Convinced by the decisive contribution of individuals in the success of any business, she searches through her work, to translate the potential of each person into exceptional results linking economic growth to Human Resources Development.

      During the last ten years performing as an Executive Coach, Trainer and Human Resources Development Consultant, she has committed to strive and conceptualize excellence and to translate it into concrete results, designing customized solutions to respond to the specific needs of her clients.

      An extensive multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary experience gained over twelve years in different sectors of Swiss Private Banking and a simultaneous approach of economist and coach, allow her to invest in complex

      projects and business development strategiess. Of Swiss-Argentine origin, Sofi also trains individuals in Professional Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and ComProfiles, tools for human resources staff, in Switzerland and in Spanish-speaking countries. In order to carry out these activities, she is a certified Coach ICF PCC, a Master Trainer and NLP Consultant, awarded by Robert Dilts (University of Santa Cruz-California). She also obtained certifications as Trainer of Coaching RelationCare® Programmer (ICF ACTP) awarded by its creator David Hertz / WAKAN (Geneva) and also as a Trainer in the "Leadership and Relational Growth" Program, awarded by its creator Professor Robert Weisz (IAE of Aix-en-Provence).

      Ready to boost your business?

      A sustainable approach to Organizational Development

      We provide a variety of custom-designed organizational programs to match the needs of any organization linking Growth to Human Resources Development. We assist our clients not just in meeting their goal but with learning a new problem-solving skills they can use in the future.

      Our solutions will particularly help you when facing the following challenges:

      • Developing Business Growth through Success Factors Strategies
      • Realigning the Company Culture with Business Strategy
      • Boosting Motivation and Performance
      • Enhancing Leadership, Charisma and Communications Skills
      • Harmonizing relations between Team members

      Customized Training

      Training programs provide additional tools for employees to achieve their full potential. We offer a training menu in the areas of leadership, emotional intelligence, effective communication, lean management, change management, as well as professional Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

      Talent and Career Management

      Our Talent Management programs are conducted in individual sessions and provide skills assessment, development plans, mentoring, coaching and tailored training programs across the board.

      Coaching and Business process redesign

      Our individual Coaching solutions cater for executives, managers, entrepreneurs, as well as individuals in the process of career re-orientation. Notably we propose: strategic coaching, leadership and managerial competences development.

      Workshops, Team Building, Events

      According to business needs, we organize workshops, Team Building and corporate events. Our programs are tailored to optionally meet the requirements and priorities of the customer.


      Success is accessible to all of us: it is a decision that requires consistency and dedication

      Discovering and realizing the untapped potential in each of us demands will power, self-knowledge and a structure that harness that impulse- That is why, through our training courses we want to support those individuals who seek to acquire new skills and tools in the fields of Professional Coaching, Emotional Intelligence and Neuro-Linguistic Programming for their own personal development, as well as to support other individuals such as human resources staff.

      NLP Practitioner Certification Course

      Would you like to improve your relational quality, your well-being and your personal and professional efficiency? Our NLP Practitioner training course aims to provide tools and skills to help you to reach it, as well as a first practical experience to apply it in the fields of your choice. Unique in Switzerland and deployed in partnership with NLP University (NLPU) of Santa Cruz, California, this training give you access to the reference-training program designed by Robert Dilts and Judith DeLozier. A 14-day training organized into 4 modules that will allow you to acquire a recognized diploma of Practitioner in NLP signed by Robert Dilts. Please follow the link here below to see our next training dates:

      Discover Practitioner in NLP

      NLP Master Practitioner Certification

      During this advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming course, we review and consolidate the Practitioner skills to achieve both conscious and unconscious competence. It leads to personal mastery of some of the most effective tools for change, focusing on our beliefs, values and identity. We will identify how to apply NLP to a variety of applications, including, education, physical and mental health, business, leadership and creativity. Unique in Switzerland and deployed in partnership with NLP University (NLPU) of Santa Cruz, California, this training give you access to the reference-training program designed by Robert Dilts and Judith DeLozier. A 14-day training organized into 4 modules that will allow you to acquire a recognized diploma of Master Practitioner in NLP signed by Robert Dilts. Please follow the link here below to see our next training dates:

      Discover Master Practitioner NLP

      Professional Coaching Training: Coaching RelationCare®

      It consists of intensive training organized in clear learning modules and aligned with the values of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). In partnership with the Coaching School WAKAN, the Coaching RelationCare® program has been accompanying future coaches in their professional transition for more than ten years; of Swiss origin, it fulfills the strict academic requirements of Eduqua quality standards and has been accredited ACTP by the International Federation of Coaching (ICF).

      Discover Coaching RelationCare®

      Training for the License to use the ComProfiles tools

      In partnership with the ComProfiles Academy we offer you an accelerated training course to obtain a license to use these tools. Oriented to those people active in the areas of coaching, personnel recruitment and human resources, it provides a basis and a development axis of the support of individuals and teams.

      Discover ComProfiles


      We will be pleased to provide you further information about our products and customized solutions.

      TEL/WHATSAPP : +41 78 756 1414